Living Life Through Healthy Habits

I recently had the opportunity to hear John Maxwell speak at a conference I attended. Time has passed and there were lots of great speakers but John Maxwell’s words have stuck with me. What he said is this:


“Everything worthwhile is uphill. Sadly, many people have uphill hopes, and downhill habits.”


Ouch. Aren’t we all guilty of this at some point, if not much of the time! Those words hit home but also affirmed what I’ve been thinking a lot about lately when thinking about my own health journey. I realized that, for the most part, there was really no big “aha” moment or intervention that dramatically changed my life. It was dozens of small steps. Okay, that’s a little untrue...when I found chiropractic care during college it was a pretty big aha and it changed the course of my life…but for the most part, the changes I’ve made as an adult have been small, steady changes. You might call them HABITS!


I love the idea of coming at health from the level of habits. It has shaped the way we practice at Vitality--unless someone is chomping at the bit, I don’t always go for the total health overhaul and the overwhelm it can cause for some. I might try to work with clients on small habits. It could be hydration, it could be postural exercises, maybe my favorite breathing technique that takes the body out of fight/flight/freeze. It might be as simple as helping someone walk without pain, which gets them moving a bit more and improves their mood, stress level and digestion. It creates the “upward spiral” I like to chat with my clients about.


A friend in real estate that I admire greatly for his growth mindset and constant book recommendations talked recently about the book “Atomic Habits.” The author, James Clear, says “your life today is essentially the sum of your habits.” Let that sink in. It might require a good hard look and a commitment to yourself!

So what are some of the habits I strive for in health? Sleep is crucial to healing & repair (and to me being a decent human) so I prioritize getting enough sleep. I try to make sure that before I do anything else in the morning, I have had at least 10-15 ounces of water. I shoot for multiple handfuls of vegetables everyday. Those are just a couple. If I’m paying attention, my body will always let me know when I’m neglecting some of my habits.

Take a moment to write down some of the health habits that YOU have adopted and be proud--your body undoubtedly thanks you. Now add one more. Give yourself 30 days to adopt a new habit. And then celebrate, this is true self-care!


In Health,

Stacy LeQuire, DC